Apr 22, 2007




The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said:

"Whoever believes in God and the (Day of Judgment) should not hurt his neighbor. . .should serve his guest generously and. . .should say something good or keep quiet."

Sahih Al-Bukhari, Volume 8, Number 158

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Robert Mangan said...

these are all Christian origionally
and why do you and non Muslims choose to believe that the Bible has been corrupted by man, how do you know? it has been proved that we still have the origional and the closest coppies of the origional New Testament and even here in a gallery in Ireland we have the oldest! what about the Old Testament? the Hebrew Scribes were so exact in their methods of transcribing that they never made a mistake and when they had written only one word they would throw away the instrument for writing and use a new one, they would even wash themselves after every word, and this is fact so how can you claim that they are corrupt? have you checked out these interesting things? we have to do a study of Islam for collage and I know about the thousands of Hadiths and other issues concerning your belief and the Sufies the 'folk Islam' and superstitions within Islam but you people dont seem to really try to study outside the box, to use a figure of speech! when a Muslim does study as I have already said, the ones who seek with their heart as Christ said they will find Him. not a Prophet only but a King and a Priest, and most of all a Saviour
so dont die without doing so because if your faith is not 100% then ??